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KuWiH - play and retreat space for your child

KuWiH - Kinder und Wichtel Höhle

Do you remember when you were a child? The world was a completely different one, full of fantasy. As a child you dream even during the day, nothing seems impossible. Who, as a child, didn't build their own cave and then imagine it was a secret hideaway where only their beloved cuddly toy was allowed inside?

KuWiH supports your child in this. It makes children's dreams come true and hearts beat faster: to be a prince, princess, knight or an action hero in their own little kingdom.


Why KuWiH?

For business customers

  • You want your customers with children to feel comfortable with you and provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere?

  • You want to charge your brand with positive emotions via KuWiH?

  • Are you interested in using KuWiH as a tool for your customer retention?

For private customers

  • You want your children to play more analog games instead of just staring at screens?

  • Would you like to promote the motor, social and age-appropriate development of your children?

  • You want to offer your children a retreat from the stimulus-flooded everyday life?

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The story behind KuWiH

The world has become a different place. Nowadays, children are confronted with reality much earlier than it was previously the case. Smartphones, laptops and television, or our digitized world, offer great opportunities for children, but also bring them the risk of early confrontation with violence and adult themes. We were shocked to discover that playing with each other is increasingly taking a back seat and that both children's attention spans and social skills are diminishing. We therefore developed KuWiH to offer children a retreat from their stimulus-flooded everyday life, a place of peace and fantasy. A place that belongs only to the children and where they can give free rein to their creativity and imagination. Because learing and development are only possible when children can come to rest in between.

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Very easy to assemble and disassemble. A revolutionary solution!

Not everyone has manual skills. Many people dread having to read complicated construction plans and find the right screw from the endless number of small parts. If the impatient children are also whining, the nerves are often frayed and many give up in stress.

Here too, we have developed a simple solution:

For the assembly and disassembly of KuWiH you need neither tools nor helpers. The KuWiH is simply held together by a wooden plug-in system. If the KuWiH needs to be stored, it is simply disassembled into it's flat individual parts and can be stored easily in a niche or under the bed. Practical, isn't it?

KuWiH offers a wide range of possibilities:

KuWiH is available with interchangeable side panels and therefore offers a variety of opportunities to play. The side panels are equipped with various motor skills and game elements that can be individually adapted to the age and needs of kids. Thus, KuWiH is a tool to play for years and grows with your child.


In addition, a Plexiglas panel can be attached to the roof of the KuWiH, under which children’s drawings or other things can be inserted. The roof can be also used as a table tennis table: The table tennis net can be easily adjusted and the next game can begin.


The additionally available starry sky inside the KuWiH invites kids to dream when they need peace after an exhausting day.

The fluorescent side inside can be painted with light pens or a flashlight.


There are no limits to the imagination with KuWiH.

Playing walls with wall mounting.

If there is no space for a play corner in the children's room, the side elements can also be ordered and mounted individually with the help of our wall bracket. This way, variety and moto sensory learning stimuli can also be provided even in small rooms.

Who is working with us?

Childcare facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospices, banks, doctor' offices, hospitals, etc. are already convinced of KuWiH and the benefits. But also private users write us again and again how much fun their little ones have with KuWiH.


Sponsorship for companies is also possible through individual printing on the surfaces!


Customer opinions and reviews

Simply a top product, everything is of the highest quality! Material, service, features, usefulness, and price. I have attended many presentations of KuWiH and the children’s reaction are positive…they always say “WOW”, especially when they see the starry sky. So make babies, buy KuWiH, expand, renovate and give it to others 👌


I have seen kids playing in the KuWiH and also people up to 70 years old. The tallest person inside the KuWiH was 1.96m tall. It stimulates the imagination of children of all ages and is well received as a retreat. It can even be navigated with a toy buggy, especially when also the favourite doll must be brought along.


We are thrilled to have received a KuWiH from the special school community. The students are excited about the versatile cave, which serves as both a retreat and a play area. The children immediately wanted to expand the cave with our large Lego bricks.


Mr. Regner introduced us to the world of KuWiH: He arrived with a car, loaded KuWiH onto a transport cart, and set it up in our Café Floritz in just a few moments. We were particularly impressed by the simple and very sturdy construction (secured plug-in system), the versatility in its possible applications such as a puppet theater or a store, etc., the different motor skills exercises, the starry sky inside the cave, but also the easy option of placing board games under the transparent Plexiglass window on the roof of the KuWiH and being able to play games like Nine Men's Morris, Fox and Geese, etc. We are convinced that our children will not only have a lot of fun with it but also have many learning opportunities. The cave will travel through our residential groups, so the children can look forward to it coming back to them at regular intervals, just as we are experiencing in the first residential group. The children were incredibly excited and didn't want to leave the KuWiH anymore!

- Erwin Roßmann I SOS-Kinderdorf-Leiter

The KuWiH offers the children in the women's shelter a safe haven.

A cave in which the children can play role-playing games, admire the sparkling starry sky together or be amazed by the light painting. In addition to the exuberant play, it is a good extension and opportunity for the children to discuss difficult topics. For example, they can make themselves at home in the cave, feeling safe and only communicate with us counselors through the window.

The KuWiH offers the kids in our women’s shelter a safe haven: A cave, in which they can play role-playing games, admire the sparkling starry sky together or being amazed by the light painting. Furthermore, KuWiH offers as retreat for children the opportunity to solve difficult topics: They make themselves at home in the KuWiH and therefore they are feeling safe and comfortable.

- Rita P. Kinderbereich Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser

Mr. and Mrs. Regner visited us at BBI to present KuWIH about two years ago. The kindergarten teachers were thrilled about KuWiH, especially because it can be set up easily without assistance in a few steps.

In February 2021 we received our first KuWiH: The first reactions of the children in our kindergarten were awesome. They immediately started to play, used the KuWiH as a grocery store and ice cream parlor. To sum up: The KuWiH can be highly recommended as a retreat but also as a playing cave for children. We are glad that we made this purchase and are more than happy with this great acquisition!

Mag. Christina Weinkopf-Razka, Director of Educational

Federal Institute for the Blind in Vienna

The KuWiH is currently set up in a group room and is used by the children in various ways:

  • in role play
  • as a retreat
  • for collecting sensory impressions (light/dark, lighting). The kids practice in a playful way: their ability to cooperate by perceive and respects the needs and boundaries of others is improved by KuWiH
  • in their communication and dialogue skills, by expressing their own need and wishes
  • in their ability to relate to others, by allowing themselves to get close to familiar children

- Gemeindekindergarten Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf


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