KuWiH - Kinder und Wichtel Höhle

The KuWiH was created and developed by me, carpenter Sam John Regner. It is a playing and learning house specially adapted to the needs of children. As a place of retreat and a creative space for play, it enjoys great popularity in the private home as well as in kindergartens, schools and therapeutic facilities and much more.

Once upon a time...

...there was a father who wanted to give his 2-year-old son a special treat. The little one loved to play in caves, so Dad decided to build one for him. The KuWiH was born. I spent many hours painting, playing and reading in it with my son. The cave was almost forgotten when I was looking for a gift for my one-year-old niece in 2017. That's when I remembered the KuWiH and I  made a new beautiful play house. When my eight-year-old daughter saw the masterpiece, she also wanted one and shed tears of joy when her wish was fulfilled.

KuWiH - play, learning and retreat place in one

As I watched the children playing in the KuWiH, I realized the importance of such a retreat, where children can play and learn without being watched. This led to the development of our business idea. Since then, the KuWiH has been constantly expanded and improved. Many experts from various disciplines - kindergarten teachers, educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, and occupational therapists - have made suggestions to improve the KuWiH, and together we turned KuWiH into a success story that today brings great joy to many children.