Who is working with us? – KuWiH

Childcare facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospices, banks, medical practices, hospitals, etc. are already convinced of KuWiH and the benefits.) But also parents (end consumers) are frequently writing to us about how much fun their little ones have with KuWiH.

KuWiH is very popular in kindergartens.


Also the general special needs school in Gänserndorf is thrilled by KuWiH

We are delighted to have a KuWiH in our school: all children are blushed by the various playing options of KuWiH- it is a retreat and playing cave at the same time. The children wanted to combine the bigger Lego parts with KuWiH and built their special house.

SOS-Kinderdorf Wien

"Mr. Regner introduced us to the world of KuWiH: He arrived with a car, loaded KuWiH onto a transport cart, and set it up in our Café Floritz in just a few moments. We were particularly impressed by the simple and very solid construction (secured plug-in system), the versatility in its possible applications such as a puppet theater or a store, etc., the different motor skills exercises, the starry sky inside the house, but also the easy option of placing board games under the transparent Plexiglass window on the roof of the KuWiH and being able to play games like Nine Men's Morris, Fox and Geese, etc. We are convinced that our children will not only have a lot of fun with it but also have many learning opportunities. The cave will travel through our residential groups, so the children can look forward to it coming back to them at regular intervals, just as we are experiencing in the first residential group. The children were incredibly excited and didn't want to leave the KuWiH anymore!"

Erwin Roßmann I SOS-Kinderdorf-Leiter

Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser

„The KuWiH offers the children in the women's shelter a safe haven.

A play house in which the children can play role-playing games, admire the sparkling starry sky together or be amazed by the light painting. In addition to the exuberant play, it is a good extension and opportunity for the children to discuss difficult topics. For example, they can make themselves at home in the cave, feeling safe and only communicate with us counselors through the window.


Rita P. Kinderbereich Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser

Bundes-Blindeninstitut Wien

"Mr. and Mrs. Regner visited us at BBI to present KuWiH about two years ago. The kindergarten teachers were thrilled about KuWiH, especially because it can be set up easily without assistance in a few steps.

In February 2021 we received our first KuWiH: The first reactions of the children in our kindergarten were awesome. They immediately started to play, used the KuWiH as a grocery store and ice cream parlor. To sum up: The KuWiH can be highly recommended as a retreat but also for active playing for children. We are glad that we made this purchase and are more than happy with this great acquisition!”


Mag. Christina Weinkopf-Razka, Director of Educational Federal Institute for the Blind in Vienna

Gemeindekindergarten Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf

„The KuWiH is currently set up in a group room and is used by the children in various ways:

  • in role play
  • as a retreat
  • for collecting sensory impressions (light/dark, lighting).

The kids practice in a playful way:

  • their ability to cooperate by perceive and respects the needs and boundaries of others is improved by KuWiH
  • their communication and dialogue skills, by expressing their own need and wishes
  • their ability to relate to others, by allowing themselves to get close to familiar children"

-Gemeindekindergarten Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf

Kinderbetreuung Schwarzach

"Since fall 2021, we have been able to enjoy our multifunctional, mobile and flexible play den - our KuWiH. It can always be redesigned by replacing the individual side walls and thus always remains exciting in our group room.
Also impressive is the beautiful starry sky that "has" to be turned on every day, making the house even more cozy and cozy.
Since our facility consists of four groups, a side part can always be attached to a wall in the different groups. In this way, all mobile parts are used in the various groups throughout the year.
We as educators also see the imaginative play, as well as the promotion of motor and social skills in the foreground.
Example of settling in:
Our little Paul, like many other children, had difficulty feeling comfortable in an open group. It was noticeable that Paul withdrew to our KuWiH every morning and came back to the group by himself whenever he wanted to.
This is actually the most important aspect for us, in addition to the exciting variety of play opportunities. The possibility to retreat, whether to read, to exchange with each other or simply to do nothing.
Children need a cozy place to retreat to, and for us, that place is the KuWiH, which is covered with pillows and blankets. 😊


Christine Hagspiel
Leitung Kinderbetreuung, Schwarzach