Sustainable and made of natural wood

KuWiH - Kinder und Wichtel Höhle


As we are parents ourselves, it is of course particularly important to us that the quality of our products is also right. We believe that nothing but the best is good enough for children. Therefore, we carefully examine all the products we use and make sure that everything is child-safe and harmless to health. That's why we had our KuWiH and the KuWiH wall mount tested by TÜV Austria and are pleased to have received the official TÜV Austria certification in November 2020.

certificate for the test report

A children play house made of untreated birch plywood

Only untreated birch plywood is used for the production of KuWiH, which preserves the pleasant smell of wood for a particular long time and thus ensures a pleasantly relaxed feeling in the play house. In order to avoid waste, we mainly craft the necessary small parts from wood waste and leftovers. KuWiH is packaged in paper and cardboard boxes, which we are happy to take back and recycle.


Social responsibility

Some of our products are produced in Vienna in the accompanied workshop "Jugend am Werk", an association for the promotion and qualification of people with learning difficulties and disabilities and it is always nice to see how much eagerness and joy they work there.